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Custom Affirmations Poster


An A4 poster print featuring personalised affirmations based on, and inspired by, name meanings (first name and second name, if applicable).

Ideal as a gift to celebrate a baby's birth, a child's milestone birthday, or a special occasion for any adult.

Simply advise the recipient's name(s) and we will do the rest! Add the name to the Paypal Notes To Seller during checkout, or email us.

Printed on white 100% recycled post-consumer FSC certified 300 gsm.

***Please note: International orders of this print are shipping UNTRACKED. Please email if you prefer tracked shipping.


Personalised Examples:

Child's name: Dahlia Alba
Dahlia = a flower = I am a blossoming flower (ie. I am opening up to my true potential)
Alba = dawn/sunrise = I am a radiant sunrise (ie. I am rising to shine my light on the world)
I am full of love and light (concludes all affirmation mantras)

Child's name: Luke Matthew
Luke = light = I am shining bright
Matthew = a gift = I am generous of spirit
I am full of love and light

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